How do I use Android Device Manager?

use android device manager
Use Android Device Manager for your security and protection.

Recently my friend lost her Android device but she recovered it back, thanks to Android Device Manager. Luckily she had her Android Device Manager, device locator app turned on, actually a life saver.

An internet connection is needed to enable for monitoring the device using Android device manager or else your own network service provider can easily assist you to monitor device using IMEI codes. A few issue occurs are that ADM can locate the FP1 an excellent i use Android Device Manager in order to remotely lock the device then the FP1 would seem to lock but you can in no way get a keypad to unlock this. The phone seems to have hung with a secure sreen. Annoyingly, if you reboot several times, 2 or 3 normally, you will get access to the device.

Most remarkably, you can override remotely any other pattern or pin pattern the device. The Google Android Device manager will simply ask you to choose a new password while submitting the security request. When you find the device, basically just enter in that pass-code to obtain access. If the device is in Aircraft mode. The service will instantly perform the lock request the moment it’s reconnected to the internet.

Increase device security

With Google, Apple, and others within formidable stress from the government to increase device security and protection. This feature is extremely useful. Apple company recently introduced a new Activation Security feature. It demands an Apple company ID and password to reactivate a device right after it’s reset through Find My iPhone.

You can use Android Device Manager to try this functions out for yourself, head to the Google android Device Manager site and select the lock icon and be sure the actual service is currently enabled on your gadget, as well. Because that is the first thing you need to do on your new Android device.

Google Android Device Manager is really a web based portal that will remotely engagement in ringing your phone, track down it, as well as give the possibility to wipe off all content on the phone. All you need to perform is go to and log in with your Google account. To allow the device wipe click send notice to my phone. You are going to get a notification on your phone to induce this feature, simply press switch on.