The Latest Smartphone Nokia 6 Review Price and Apps download

Nokia 6 review
To catch up with the sensational  device of the century, the Smartphone. Nokia is back but this time jumping into the band wagon of Android Smartphones.

Nothing is too late to start a fresh but. But this time is about Pokemon Go era not the Snake era. How can Nokia catch the stream to go along the flow of Android smartphones if it will only replicate what is already out there.  Nokia must invent something else out of Android not just replicate a better clone version of Android. 

Doing it smartly is so much better than just thinking smartly. I personally believe that Nokia can regain its once lost glory if it will go for Invention not Innovation. The consumers are now smarter and looking for what is not yet there.

The Smart consumers can no longer be sold with a fancy tv commercial of a new Smartphone with higher resolution camera, Smartphone with new Dolby Surround Sound system, a waterproof or atomic proof smartphone in glossy variants of faster tweaked CPU. The consumers have already had enough of those Android renamed duplication and cloned applications. 99.8 percent of Android APK in the market are just a bunch of cloned application reproduce with a pinch of tweak, just like the smartphone camera of 8MP cloned and reproduced into 10MP.  What the heck they think that consumers can tell the difference by looking at the image taken?  The fingerprint security scanning in front being cloned and placed at the back of the device? The wide screen of same resolution again clone into .5 cm wider screen? The slim size smartphone device reproduced into a slimmer size? Changing the bluetooth version number to .4 something and put it back to the market?

The Smartphone era is just is just cloning and rebranding and now its lagging because manufacturers and Smartphone companies could no longer come up something new like, a holographic smartphone, a cerebral smartphone, a wireless charging smart enough to detect flows of energy, a smartphone that doesn’t charging or a fully AI integrated smartphone that can sense its owners needs and reacts to it.

This is the era of invention not innovation. Just like what Nokia phone company did in history when it invented the Snake game and the 3210 it was a pure invention na an innovation and duplication. If Nokia did once, there is no reason why it can’t do it again. The market has been waiting and it would just be a shame if Nokia’s come back only with a duplicate Smartphone.  I’m one of those die hard Nokia fans and until now I am still using a Nokia 225 device along with my Smartphone.( Note from Ope.Ed: This article also being published on Free District. The Nokia 6 has an octo-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset. There’s 3GB of RAM onboard and 32GB of storage, There is a microSD card slot for storage expansion. This chipset is mid-range, so this isn’t a powerhouse and the 3GB of RAM is good enough.Nokia 6: Release date and price
Announced globally on 26 February 2017
Available Q2
Priced at €229, or €299.