Xiaomi a security threat: Is Xiaomi safe to use?

Xiaomi a security threat
Xiaomi Phones a Security Threat

According to Indian Air Force report. This is not the first time that Xiaomi has been accused of being a cyber security threat.

A Dutch Computer Science student, Thijs Broenink, who analyzed his Xiaomi mobile device discovered the presence of a backdoor. That could allow an attacker to silently install any app on the phone.
The student decided to investigate the presence of pre-installed apps and services on the ROM used by his Xiaomi smartphone. Trying to discover their purposes, report said.

In the past, we have already reported the presence of pre-installed apps that pose a threat to users’ security and privacy.

In March 2015, the security firm Bluebox discovered pre-installed malware and other security issues with a Xiaomi Mi 4 mobile device.

According to reports, Indian Air Force has warned its officers and their families against using Xiaomi Smartphones.  Citing security concerns. In an alert issued by The IAF to air warriors and their family members, It clearly accuses Xiaomi.  A Chinese Smartphone maker of sending user data to remote servers located in China and is certainly a security threat.

Is Xiaomi safe to use?

For me, No! It is not safe to use a device having fishy and not properly declared pre installed app, running background. Therefore, Xiaomi is a security threat. There are several malware pre-installed on Xiaomi device and Xiaomi company knows that. Many developers have already come out to stage complain against the Chinese company.

Are Xiaomi smart phones really a threat to security? Xiaomi a security threat. With issues like forwarding personal details, SMS, address book to a particular IP in China (as found out by F-Secure) and Indian Air Force banning their use?
All the companies, saving your data has some security risk. Take Apple for example. Celebrity pics leaked & none could do anything.

I just gave you an example brother. Xiaomi also has some risk involved but that never means other companies don’t. Hackers & thieves are everywhere, it’s you who has to save himself from them.I know that the Government has banned Indian Airforce for using never means Indian Govt. is always right. Xiaomi a security threat / Image

Apk download site infects android malware

We have covered before about best apk download site that contains Android Malware. Riskware “PUP,” or potentially unwanted program.

Here is another update of apk download site files,  which may be harmful to your device.

apk download site
It is up to you to install those apk files, but we may suggest to find some better site.  Where you can download your apk file clean and riskware free. There are plenty of those sites you can find. We can’t just give you reference but pretty sure you can manage to find one. Continue reading “Apk download site infects android malware”

Android APK Download PUAs

Riskwares and Malwares attack are very common these days from Android APK Download sites.

The higher our security it gets the more open possible ways to penetrate.

It is just a matter of personal decision to secure and protect your personal information, by avoiding to get contact with these applications to be installed on your device.
Android APK Download
You can never be sure of every Apk download app if it comes outside Google Play Store, so you have to be very careful of the application you want to install on your device.

These are some of the famous unsafe websites Android APK Download or to download harmful APK files.

Android Apk Files that contain riskwares that opens the door for attackers to remotely control your device. It leaks information, it can track geolocation, send payment sms, remove notifications, trojans and other malware system penetration autobot, it may ask you to install them, or it may directly install them if it can get root privileges.

There are thousands of these money making sites that offers free apk download files. They are unsafe and  may compromise the safety of your device.

Even if those files are labeled Potentially Unwanted Applications Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).  As Android:Riskware-A are not inherently malicious, but can engage in unethical, unwanted, or masked behaviors. These applications are commonly bundled with intentionally sought after software applications.

A few unsafe websites that offers free apk files mostly FREE MODDED apk files download. You may personally check the file you have downloaded from these websites by uploading them to Virustotal.com


These sites listed above are riskware infected that offers unsafe Apk file free download,  according to virustotal.com file check result apks from these websites contain harmful programs such as Troj.Gen!c, Trojan.AndroidOS.cuaa and Trojan.Gen.8an.

You can personally upload your downloaded Apk files to virustotal to initiate malware and riskware check before you install the app on your device. That’s it for now.

How to get paid apps for free may be harmful

Your how to get paid apps for free may contain riskware.

There are millions of riskwares and malwares out there waiting to be installed on your device and there will be always. List of harmful Apps for Android. Is it safe to download apps from unknown sources?

You maybe have a constant urge of installing new app on your android device but one who is smart enough would ask himself first if how safe is it to install an app outside play store?
how to get paid apps for free
Harmful apps for android are mostly those app that offer free and uber services like system cleaning, battery saving etc, free music download apps for android, free movie apps, free calling app, free game app and thousands more infected app released in the wilderness. Continue reading “How to get paid apps for free may be harmful”

Android APK Download Contains Riskware

Free Android apk download file full mod may contain riskware and autobots.

More than half of Android users are unaware and disoriented of their Android device safety by installing Free Android App Apk File that contains riskware.
Android APK Download File Contains Riskware
Millions of personal and private information had been publicly published without them knowing it, such as private photo and video moments harvested by these rogue Android Applications.

These Android Apk Download Application normally offer free services such as System cleaning, Photo editing, Internet booster and thousands more.

Like these android application are autobots,  running in background collecting files of information they are intended to collect such as .img, .jpg, mp4, .flv and more.

A research concluded that 90 percent of Android devices are exposed to at least one critical vulnerability.

The threat model was constructed using three common attack vectors: installation attack (malicious codes installed through app download); dynamic code loading (an existing app downloads new malicious codes); and injection (an attacker injects malicious codes directly into the device’s existing system).

The rogue apps will silently download files and send to a remote database. Unluckily if some of the files download contains private images or videos will end up being published on a porn site.

Are you using Android VPN Android Apk Download?

According to VPN reporter “A study of Android VPN apps found that 84% will leak your IP address, 82% will attempt to access your sensitive data, 75% utilize third-party tracking, 38% contain malware, and 18% don’t even encrypt your data (leaving you completely exposed). But this is no surprise.”

“Over the years all kinds of apps have proven to be a security and privacy nightmare, for both Android and iOS.

“If you want to secure your mobile devices (without adding more apps) see here: Android guide and also iOS guide.”

Always practice precautions installing any Android applications to avoid compromising your privacy.