Download MIUI 8 Global ROM 7.3.9 Mi 5 Beta 2017

Download MIUI 8 Global ROM 7.3.9 for Mi 5 Beta, latest update as of March 2017.

Just today,  a successful download MIUI 8 Global ROM, upgrade and root Mi5. The device is running on MIUI 8 Global weekly ROM upgrade to MIUI 8 Global ROM 7.3.9 Beta. The  whole file to download MIUI 8 Global ROM is 1.7 GB via App updater.

This guide is based on  MIUI 5 Nougat version.  The device is rooted with TWRP running as recovery mode.  I thought I am going to brick my Mi5 again as I always expect every time I do some ROM upgrade or any tweaking. But luckily it was successful and quick.

I am going to share how I successfully updated the ROM without bricking it or getting into bootloop. In addition to countless bricking. I couldn’t count how many times I have bricked my device since. So how I simply upgraded to MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 7.3.9 and rooted it?

First, here is the background changelog and what is new on the latest features update of MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 7.3.9.

New – Introducing Screen recorder, which I like the most.

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

Fix – Screen didn’t light up whenever a message with a verification code was received

Home screen Fix – Issues with the positions of icons after restoring Home screen layout from Mi Cloud

New Screen Recorder – Introducing Screen recorder

Other Fix – Switching to Second space rebooted the device in some cases

Download MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM 7.3.9 update based on Android 7.0 for Mi 5 Pro is released.

Before anything else, you have to have your bootloader unlocked with TWRP running as recovery mode. You can research how to unlock your MI5 bootloader and How you can install TWRP via flashing. If you are using recent MIUI 8 Global Beta ROM, you can get the OTA update. If you’re using China Stable ROM or Global ROM, please wipe all data and upgrade via Fastboot ROM. Don’t forget to backup your data before flashing.

This Guide is based on my personal experience updating MIUI 8 Global weekly ROM to MIUI 8 Global ROM 7.3.9 Mi 5 Beta. For some reason, anything issues that may occur may be not similar to mine, so please be guided. You can do some research work on that. But in General this Upgrade Guide is mainly the basic thing you do.

Simple Guide upgrade to Global ROM 7.3.9 Mi 5 Beta and Root

First of all, as a general rule. Backup your device and have it at least  50% battery. Then you can do the following:

Download the latest SuperSU v2.79 and place it in your SD card. Place it outside folder to make things easy.

Download MIUI 8 Global ROM 7.3.9 for Mi 5 Beta via Updater App. But if you prefer the Fastboot ROM update, down load it here Fastboot ROM Download. For Via recovery update download here ROM Recovery update.

First the Updater App will prompt the first download around 200MB files just the changelog. Then reboot your device.

Once your device is back, open the Updater app again and go to the three dots and click for update. This time the notifier will prompt to download the whole ROM then click download the whole 1.7 ROM.

After the Download MIUI 8 Global ROM finished reboot to recovery mode TWRP.  Your TWRP recovery will update itself and it will reboot back to system (base on my personal account).

You just have successfully upgraded your ROM

Finally, reboot to recovery again and flash your SuperSU via TWRP to gain back your root access. Your MIUI Mi5 smartphone is now upgraded MIUI 8 Global ROM 7.3.9 Mi 5 Beta.

CONCLUSION: The whole process was swiftly easy, not as I expected it. The same upgrade procedure but in different circumstances of doing it. But the main thing is you need to use your intuition to know what is not to do and you don’t need to do. Anyway, we can all learn from our mistakes.

I just wish that they could remove the Cloud backup and other unnecessary apps pre-installed or make them as an optional apps to download to act more civil and not being mean to their MIUI fans. Because there are numerous applications preinstalled which are useless to many users, since not everyone prefer the same thing.  User like me prefer to use other applications better than the ones installed. That is one of the reasons why I want to root my device. I will talk about rooting and tweaking mi5 next time.

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