Android interview questions and answers for 2 years experience

Android interview questions
Android interview questions and answers

For someone with 2 or 3 more years experience applying for a job as an Android developer. A mix of both technical and non-technical questions to determine if your are a qualified Android developer applicant fit for the offered job.

On both a professional and personal level Android interview questions role-specific questions.

How do you handle a malfunction in screen reorientation?
How do you find memory leaks in Android Apk?
How do you troubleshoot a crashing application?
What interfaces would you choose to create a user-friendly application?
Which Android Developer tools have you experience working with?
What’s the difference between implicit and explicit intent?
What are the advantages of using Java (Android SDK)?
What are the key components in Android architecture?
Can you change an application’s name after its deployment?
Mention the Android frameworks you have used most.
What security best practices do you know?

Android interview questions on Behavioral

Which application from your portfolio are you most proud of?
Describe a situation where you collaborated with developers and engineers to debug an application. What was your role?
What’s the first application you would like to design for our company?
Describe a situation where you designed new features to make an application run faster.
What resources do you use to get informed about mobile technology?
What’s the last application you installed on your smartphone?

And here are some example of Android interview questions with answers

What is Android?

Ans: Android is an open source operating system that is mainly used on mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones. Its operations are mainly based on the Linux kernel system which comprises of rich elements that enable developers to develop and run apps that are able to carry out both basic and advanced functions.

What is the Google Android SDK?

Ans: Google Android SDK is a set of tools required by developers to enable them write apps on Android enabled devices. It has a graphical interface which imitates an Android handheld environment, enabling them in testing and debugging their codes.