Droid Boss is your android device manager task helper — A not so daily update of riskware, malware or any autorun Android Apps considered harmful to your Android device, those apps which may contain riskware like Troj.Gen!c, Trojan.AndroidOS.cuaa, Trojan.Gen.8 and more.

Droid Boss also publishes the risk site where the riskware files downloaded from. Any websites that offers free apk download and found with contaminants will also be published for public information. As well as any Android update firmware and its latest version including Android Application Tool and User Guide.

If there can be times that tutorials or guide / walk through and tips of any kinds that fall under Android System which  you may find unnecessary, check some of our sections. We  occasionally review latest gadgets, new smartphones, smartwatch, news software update, GPS tracker watch and new Tech trends with our first hand experience. Hopefully you can find this site helpful and informative.

Droid Boss