GPS tracker watch ZGPAX S888 review

GPS tracker watch
GPS tracker watch ZGPAX S888 review

The mechanical issue found in a barely month old Smartwatch running in MTK6260 CPU, low power consumption Swiss industrial grade GPS chip.

The ZGPAX S888 GPS watch looks okay but it is a little bit bulky which is very common to Smartwatch. Its over all wearable experience is quite impressive aside from one mechanical issue in charging. The USB charger doesn’t work in its own device. Perhaps the material grade used is in low quality.

I got this wearable ZGPAX S888 GPS tracking watch barely a month old.  It has Micro sim card slot and works on 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 network.

The built in battery is reliable. It takes 2 days running before it needs charging again. The only flaw found is with the USB cable that doesn’t work.

It only worked for the first time use. Now, my device is charging using other USB cable. Practically, this watch is okay. The whole component is not really that stunning compare to its competitor.  I am not really impress with its rubbery strap silica gel that looks not in high quality for this 65 USD price GPS tracking watch.  (Check that on Amazon)

Here’s the rest of the features ZGPAX S888 review

ZGPAX S888 GPS tracker watch designed for the Old Man. It equipped with 1.2inch TPS true color screen, MTK6260 CPU and 2G GSM network.

Its functions include GPS+ WiFi tracking in 1 international standard, SOS, two way conversation, Voice intercom, remote monitoring, electric fence, track playback/online and Anti-falling alarm, etc. It is very convenient for your life. This wearable is GPS tracker for kids and elderly alike mainly for location tracking. Its older version is ZGPAX S8 1.54-inch MTK6572 Dual-core running Android OS also will work with 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G: WCDMA 2100 MHz.

The ZGPAX s888 GPS tracker watch SOS function which has 3 numbers available that you can add, can positioning by SOS button in emergency. It also supports single location and continuous tracking support to achieve real-time positioning/timing positioning.

Software upgrade for ZGPAX s888 not available

Its official site doesn’t mention anything for the device software update, perhaps this model is not what they are really focus into.  The user manual setup guide download link is also unreliable. You check here it here.

One thing that I like is its real-time path tracking accuracy compare to some other GPS tracking device. The exact positioning is almost accurate to seconds. It comes along with the setup manual.

How do I use Android Device Manager?

use android device manager
Use Android Device Manager for your security and protection.

Recently my friend lost her Android device but she recovered it back, thanks to Android Device Manager. Luckily she had her Android Device Manager, device locator app turned on, actually a life saver.

An internet connection is needed to enable for monitoring the device using Android device manager or else your own network service provider can easily assist you to monitor device using IMEI codes. A few issue occurs are that ADM can locate the FP1 an excellent i use Android Device Manager in order to remotely lock the device then the FP1 would seem to lock but you can in no way get a keypad to unlock this. The phone seems to have hung with a secure sreen. Annoyingly, if you reboot several times, 2 or 3 normally, you will get access to the device.

Most remarkably, you can override remotely any other pattern or pin pattern the device. The Google Android Device manager will simply ask you to choose a new password while submitting the security request. When you find the device, basically just enter in that pass-code to obtain access. If the device is in Aircraft mode. The service will instantly perform the lock request the moment it’s reconnected to the internet.

Increase device security

With Google, Apple, and others within formidable stress from the government to increase device security and protection. This feature is extremely useful. Apple company recently introduced a new Activation Security feature. It demands an Apple company ID and password to reactivate a device right after it’s reset through Find My iPhone.

You can use Android Device Manager to try this functions out for yourself, head to the Google android Device Manager site and select the lock icon and be sure the actual service is currently enabled on your gadget, as well. Because that is the first thing you need to do on your new Android device.

Google Android Device Manager is really a web based portal that will remotely engagement in ringing your phone, track down it, as well as give the possibility to wipe off all content on the phone. All you need to perform is go to and log in with your Google account. To allow the device wipe click send notice to my phone. You are going to get a notification on your phone to induce this feature, simply press switch on.

Android operating system overtakes Windows

Android operating system

Android operating system claimed 37.93 percent

On latest record shows, Android OS overtaken Windows by 0.02 of a percent level to take the title of most preferred operating system by internet end user, StatCounter said. Android OS claimed 37.93 percent market share with Windows on 37.91 percent in March.

Windows continues to be the top desktop operating system by a significant margin, with 84 percent market share. “Windows won the desktop war but the battlefield moved on, ” Cullen said. The current sales figures from analyst firm IDC shows PC shipments slid 5.7 per cent last year, although smartphones shared record shipments – though growth slid to 2.3%.

The comprehensive analysis provide of StatCounter said the conversion took place in March for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. It said the main drivers of the advancement were growth of smartphones to access the internet, a decline in sales of traditional PCs and the impact of Asia on the global market.

“This is a milestone in technology history and the final end of an era, ” said Aodhan Cullen, ceo of StatCounter, in a statement. “It marks the end of Microsoft’s leadership worldwide of the OS market which it has held since the 1980s. It represents a major breakthrough for Android operating system which held just 2 also. 4 per cent of global internet usage share only five years ago. ”

Popular among Asian countries

Obviously, many Android OS users may also have a Windows computer on their desk – the stats are less about which is the most popular OS and more a mirrored image of the change to mobile for web browsing.

In October Statcounter mentioned that world-wide smartphone and tablet web traffic overtaken desktops for the first time. That’s especially accurate in Asian countries. Where half of web traffic is through Android operating system, compared to 29.2 per cent for Windows. In European countries, the actual change is accurate, along with Windows holding 51.7 percent and Android 23.6 percent.  In Canada and USA, where Windows is on 39.5 percent accompanied by not Android by iOS at 25.7%.

Android interview questions and answers for 2 years experience

Android interview questions
Android interview questions and answers

For someone with 2 or 3 more years experience applying for a job as an Android developer. A mix of both technical and non-technical questions to determine if your are a qualified Android developer applicant fit for the offered job.

On both a professional and personal level Android interview questions role-specific questions.

How do you handle a malfunction in screen reorientation?
How do you find memory leaks in Android Apk?
How do you troubleshoot a crashing application?
What interfaces would you choose to create a user-friendly application?
Which Android Developer tools have you experience working with?
What’s the difference between implicit and explicit intent?
What are the advantages of using Java (Android SDK)?
What are the key components in Android architecture?
Can you change an application’s name after its deployment?
Mention the Android frameworks you have used most.
What security best practices do you know?

Android interview questions on Behavioral

Which application from your portfolio are you most proud of?
Describe a situation where you collaborated with developers and engineers to debug an application. What was your role?
What’s the first application you would like to design for our company?
Describe a situation where you designed new features to make an application run faster.
What resources do you use to get informed about mobile technology?
What’s the last application you installed on your smartphone?

And here are some example of Android interview questions with answers

What is Android?

Ans: Android is an open source operating system that is mainly used on mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones. Its operations are mainly based on the Linux kernel system which comprises of rich elements that enable developers to develop and run apps that are able to carry out both basic and advanced functions.

What is the Google Android SDK?

Ans: Google Android SDK is a set of tools required by developers to enable them write apps on Android enabled devices. It has a graphical interface which imitates an Android handheld environment, enabling them in testing and debugging their codes.

Google Pixel Specs, Bluetooth problem fixed

Google Pixel specs

Google Pixel specs , Bluetooth had several Bluetooth associated problem in its quick life after release, starting with studies of failed connectivity in automobiles and, extra just lately, random disconnections and switching off. The newest points are believed to have stemmed from February’s safety patches, however a repair is now rolling out.

This Bluetooth problem first cropped up in February, after the safety patch for that month. Google acknowledged the problem quickly on the Android product discussion board, and invited particulars to assist remedy the problem shortly. A number of days later, it claimed that it had recognized the problem and would roll out a repair quickly, however the problem was not fixed with the March safety patch.

Nonetheless, the corporate has now confirmed that it’s pushing out a server-side repair for the Bluetooth problem, which may arrive to your gadget by way of a Google Play Companies replace, Google says. This should not require any motion out of your finish because the replace will seamlessly occur within the background for Google Play Companies. It could take a number of days for the replace to reach in your gadget, so be affected person should you do not see the problem fixed instantly.

Check Google Pixel specs

The problem began to have an effect on the Pixel telephones quickly after the February safety patch was launched and continued all through the month of March. Immediately, a Google user confirmed the corporate fixed the bug that is been recognized final month.

In response to one of many Google group within the Pixel Person Group boards, “Google has Simply completed placing a repair in place for this problem on our finish no downloads or updates to your units or apps are wanted.”

This implies the repair is a part of a server-side replace, which left a number of folks scratching their heads as to what sort of answer had truly been applied. Others have instructed that the problem remains to be current on their units. Google Pixel specs Image